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"Yo, lil’ shit, congrats on getting a job!"

"When did you leave your room long enough to hunt for one?"

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starry eyed {mini event


Oz lets out a yawn, small tears collecting in the corner of his eyes from the action. Body leaning back in a chair and gaze turned toward the ceiling filled with brightly shining chandeliers, the teen sighs for what feels like the umpteenth time that night. Hanging loosely in his hand is his mask, just barely protected enough to keep from falling. He wanted to go home and sleep or maybe read until he grew tired. The blond knew he should have brought a book with him to keep from getting bored, but had a feeling that it might have been considered rude.

With a bit of effort, he straightens himself, elbow resting on the table and cheek resting on the palm of his hand. Green hues scope the outskirts of the ballroom floor, trying to think of something that might stifle his boredom. A bored Oz only spelled trouble in the long run. Eyes finally settling on someone and mind having an idea, the blond rises from his seat, nonchalantly making his way over to the person.


Hello there, he begins, tone friendly and light with a smile on his face.You know, you have beautiful eyes. I wonder if your father is a thief because I could have sworn he stole the stars and put them in your eyes. Too bad that mask is covering your face.

He actually did believe they had nice eyes from what he could see. That felt like his best pickup line yet. His uncle would be proud of him for that one.

Formal gatherings like balls were usually out of Gazelle’s comfort zone; she was far more used to the wilder parties of teenagers and young adults. For moments she wondered why she was still there, clad in a fancy dress and trying to find something or someone to entertain herself with. It wasn’t that she didn’t have fun; oh no, she had found a couple of good dance partners and even managed to get a few wallflowers to the dance floor. It was probably the music that no longer appealed to her. It was slow, and while she had expected it considering the occasion, it made her feel a little lethargic after a while.

So the blue-haired woman found herself leaning against a wall, her eyes glued to the couples still waltzing around the room to the rhythm of the music, until a nearby presence caused her attention to shift. Under her mask, amber mixed with glaucous hues lazily focus on the stranger’s face, unmasked, before narrowing slightly in interest. A smile soon accompanies the gesture at the other’s pickup line; a little cheesy for her taste, but she was still amused.

Well, it is a masquerade, right? It makes things more interesting, don’t you think? Gazelle comments casually as she pushed herself off the wall to properly face the blonde. For a moment it seems she paid little attention to the thoughtful compliment, her demeanor tranquil and apparently unchanging as she comes up with a reply. It’s a rare occurrence, though perhaps she can play along. Even someone like her could be proper when she wanted. I wonder, though, if I have the stars in my eyes, does that mean I could get you lost in them?

She’s no stranger to playfulness, much less to flirting, and she inched closer to the male with a small, coy, smile. Whether this ended quickly or dragged on for a while didn’t matter; she was thankful for the distraction that was chasing away the dullness that had befallen her.

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Special~? I hope so too! But I'm sure it will be if you're there, Knight-chan~!

Nui was rather impatient as she awaited her guest to arrive. Normally not one that needed to put much consideration into what to wear (because quite frankly she thought she looked great in everything), she found herself in debate regarding what she’d adorn. She couldn’t wear her usual dress - this was a date, right? People wore nicer things… didn’t they? Well, it was her first time, so…

By the time a door knock sounded through her apartment, the fashion designer had just barely managed to throw something together. Compared to her usual garb it was something much more… normal. A white shirt that was large enough to fall to her knees with a pink decal around the chest that almost looked similar to the design of her eye patch, and her hair complete down, curly and resting just below the ground. Underwear beneath the shirt? There were some, but that was a surprise.

Upon opening the door, the usually loud and invasive Nui Harime almost seemed shy as she tugged at her outfit while meeting Gazelle’s gaze. “Ah~! Knight-chan! Are you done with work already~? What do you want to do tonight~? What? What~? Whaaaat~?


The last text exchanged had been something a little plain, if only because Gazelle did have customers to tend to and messing around with her phone would get her in trouble. It had been more of a confirmation that she received Nui’s reply and a small reassurance that she’d tried to be quick. And though the plan had been for the blue-haired teen to focus on her tasks, she was more preoccupied with the date.

It was unusual for her to worry so much, but this is someone’e first date and the teen still recalls how big a deal this used to be when she was younger: she guessed it still kinda was. Well, improvisation had always been her forte, and so long as the night was memorable then she considered her job as well done; and there were plenty of ways to make nights memorable. 

And it was memorable alright, just the sight that greeted her as the apartment door opened seemed enough. Blue eyes widened slightly as she gazed at the other for a moment, bewildered at the simplistic attire. It was cute? and fit the other quite nicely, plus the seemingly nervous vibe she picked from the other fidgeting with the fabric was endearing. almost. Still, she manages to find her voice soon, hopefully fast enough to not seem like a fool.

Yeah, I just needed to stay and help with closing and stuff. Gazelle replies to the first inquiry with a casual tone, though it brightens quickly thanks to the blonde’s excitement. Weeeell, I was thinking maybe I could take you out for dinner, for starters, Princess. And then we can hang out at your place or mine, maybe watch a movie, or whatever you’d like.

The last bit of that line was cut off quickly though, as Gazelle wasn’t really one for sappy lines. Besides, she figured that if she was the knight then caring for the princess was something expected of her, right? So… So, what would you like to do, Princess? The stylist questioned as she stepped closer to the designer, casually raising her hand and running her fingers over the blonde’s hair. I like your hair like this, by the way, it looks nice. Kind of makes me want to play with it a little.

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So there’s going to be a dance, huh?


Gazelle isn’t really one for fancy events; she enjoys the improvised meetings, the wild parties and explosive atmosphere of all those gatherings that brimmed with energy. This, though, looked like it could be quite fun, especially with the theme and masks. And those she speaks quietly, for once, there’s a cheerful tone to her comment.

Looks like I need to go shopping and find myself a partner for the night.

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What’s an “Idol Aura”? ༄Closed

Modelling wasn’t something new for the blue-haired teen, in fact it was an activity she found quite enjoyable as of late. Initially, it had been mere favors for a friend or two, helping out with some photography project, promote something for a store; it was nothing big. Eventually Gazelle found herself earning a reputation and slowly accepting more requests from time to time, be it as the model or assisting the stylists. Today’s event had been a rather important one, and she found herself taking on both roles depending on the time.

Things had turned out to be even more interesting; it’s not everyday you get to work with an idol, after all. Mukami Kou, resident pretty boy and quite the hit with, well, most teenage girls she guessed. Surprisingly, he had been easy enough to get along with, as far as Gazelle was concerned. There had been some teasing and joking remarks, seemingly lighthearted short conversation in-between changes and touching up make up or fixing hairstyles. It had been fun.


And when everything was done and Gazelle realized she had nothing else to do for the rest of the day, she decided that making a new friend, so to speak, wouldn’t hurt. And so she waltzed over to her recently acquainted co-worker, balancing on her heels as she glanced upwards at the taller male. So, mister Idol, wanna hang out for a while or do you have anything better to do?Besides, she could use some tips from a pro.

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It happened a few days ago and even though the other party probably moved on and forgot all about it (or so he assumed) — Aoba couldn’t. He didn’t want to keep pestering that certain somebody to delete a certain something from his phone, the direct approach was lost on his friend. Unknowing of where to turn to then, Aoba sat himself in the library, in front of a computer and sought out a chat room.

He was too embarrassed to not try to hide his identity in one way or another.

how would i get my friend to delete EMBARRASSING...PHOTOS.........of me from his phone???  


That was good enough, maybe.
Now all he had to do was wait.

Chat rooms had never been one of Gazelle’s favorite activities to indulge, she was much more likely to be found doing something outdoors, but today had been different. A last minute cancellation from a friend left the blue haired teen home alone and without a plan for the night; so here she was sitting in front of her laptop and trying to find something fun to do.

Eventually, Gazelle found said fun in an unlikely place. With a rather loud chuckle, she read the other’s predicament before pondering on a response. Poor soul, she might actually offer good advice for once; maybe is the keyword.


Well... do you have any way of breaking into his house to steal his phone and delete them yourself? You can then post his pictures on the internet as payback, would that be fun??
Or maybe get his roommate to do it, if he has any.

Enough good advice.

Then again, if we're talking about that kind of embarrassing pictures, you could look at the bright side! If they're good, and he shares them, then you could get a reputation and start modelling!

If only you could hear her laughing right now, Aoba.

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"I want you. Naked. In my bed. Now."
Not using the term frick frack this time, Princess? I'm so proud.

Be there ASAP

(I hope you were serious Nui)

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[text] When was the last time you wore pants? (SERIOUSLY GAZELLe)

(I cannot believe you)

Heh, honestly?
Couple weeks ago maybe? When it was still winter, I think...
I'm not sure, really.

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texts from last night! meme


[text] Does me being hung over take away from how professional I can be today?

[text] The bar would not accept my money. I have reached God status here

[text] He was very considerate of my needs, he offered me pizza before and after.

[text] I asked him for something to clean up with after sex and he handed me a sham wow. A SHAM WOW

[text] So I was putting on a condom and looked to my right to not make eye contact, she said did you just look at the American flag while putting that on. I said this one’s for Team USA.

[text] He gave me the “find somebody who wants to date you for who you are” speech while I walked around the house asking people for pants.

[text] I will show up on your front porch in a wet t shirt and some mac and cheese

[text] I just got high off one hit and then Spent 20 minutes inspecting the gasket of our refrigerator and researching ways to replace it

[text] Seriously. I’m like, “Wait, we are actually talking about physics in the middle of sex and its ACTUALLY erotic because you’re so fucking intelligent I’m turned on?”

[text] Hyyypothetically, what would you do if you happened to see my boobs on the internet?

[text] He fucked me so hard my nail polish actually chipped. I’m keeping him.

[text] I’m making poor life decisions again. Tune in tomorrow to see how much I hate life.

[text] It’s a lube slip n slide down the hallway now. Details later.

[text] Just woke up with an entire pack of Oreos in my cheetah onesie. I’ve been waiting for this moment forever.

[text] Lesson learned. Don’t roleplay with a real knife.

[text] We got drunk and crashed a fifty year old woman’s birthday party for the food. Whoops.

[text] He asked me if I wanted to blow his whistle and proceeded to pull out an actual whistle.

[text] I woke up this morning with 3 phone numbers, a red Chinese New Year envelope with cash in it, and a winning scratcher all stuffed in my bra. I’d say it was a pretty successful Thursday night.

[text] I’m wearing sunglasses around my house. Douchebag status. The hangover is real.

[text] He’s like… An octopus that touches my vagina in all these diff ways at the right times. It’s almost unsettling

[text] I was orgasming and dying of laughter at the same time. I think I’ve found the One.

[text] Do me a favor I want you to reach down the front of your pants and underwear and just feel around for a while… if you happen to find your balls then join us

[text] i just walked into a room at this party and someone yelled “dibs!”…

[text] and then she said I drew a line on her forehead with my cum and whispered “Simba”

[text] so I was just driving high and I stopped to let a pinecone cross the road because I thought it was a hedgehog.

[text] Sex on bubble wrap = best decision ever.

[text] Your lack of great college experience of margaritas and foam parties scares me

[text] We get an extra hour of sleep. That means we can take an extra shot tonight. Sounds logical. Thank you daylight savings.

[text] when someone at the bar asked you a question all you knew how to say was “chug-a-lug”

[text] There’s a girl in class eating a pumpkin pie. Like a whole pie straight from the pan with a fork.

[text] Apparently I taped knives to my hands and made everyone call me wolverine

[text] My house smells like bleach. Also, I do not feel bad about all the stuff I stole from the hospital while I was there.

[text] He told me he loved me. I didn’t know what to say so i just squirted the baby oil at him

[text] Get here, there are important joints to be smoked and pies to be eaten

[text] Can I even tell you how badly I want a day that is just on and off napping and sex with intermittent snack breaks? Because I want that day very badly.

[text] He came so hard that he yelled what sounded like a spell from Harry Potter.

[text] we were both freshly single and using each other as rebounds. most intense sex I’ve ever had. i felt like a grizzly bear emerging from hibernation in a whirlwind of sexual fury

[text] I need a drink and a shade of lipstick that will put the fear of God in a man’s heart.

[text] When was the last time you wore pants?

[text] I’ve replaced you with thin mints and masturbation

[text] Tuesday Boozeday turned into What-the-fuck-were-you-thinking Wednesday real fast.

[text] Have you ever had chicken nuggets while high? Because it tastes like hearing the Beatles for the first time

[text] Being able to fart in my own house is like 90% of why I pay rent

[text] We played Rock Paper Scissors to see who would have to go down on the other person.

[text] I just accidentally showed an old lady a pic of my penis while showing her cat pics. So how’s your day going?

[text] I found a door knob in my purse this morning, I hope whoever it belonged to doesn’t need it today.

[text] We go out, we get drunk, we watch Star Wars, we pass out. What’s wrong with this tradition?

[text] all i’ve had to eat today is leftover bday cake and a shot of tequila.

[text] Pretty sure the guy I hooked up with Saturday gave me a buy one get one free coupon for chipotle. Who said nice guys don’t exist?

[text] Apparently nothing brings out sympathy in a barista like asking if they have a hangover special

[text] And when I feel bad about myself I go to the library and suck my pen over an open book, counting the seconds until a guy sits across from me and tries to get my attention

[text] This is a mass text to all my friends. Whoever gets this first, please find me and confiscate my phone immediately. I am far too high to have it. Even if you have to punch me in my face to get it. Otherwise, let the “High While Analyzing Disney Movies” texts begin.

[text] Seriously insulted!! You can not share my dick pick with your gay brother. He won’t quit poking me on fb

[text] I am trying to think of a way to make alcohol cupcakes

[text] One of us needs to be functional tomorrow and it won’t be me. I’m drinking liquor out of a fishbowl.

[text] You pulled the fire alarm because you had to shit and there was someone in the bathroom. you said you needed privacy

[text] im guessing your the one that tried to make bacon in the toaster

[text] just smoked a blunt while listening to nsync. i now know what my childhood was missing.

[text] I just made out with a girl with a life jacket on wtf is going on

[text] Let’s play a little game called “Chill the Fuck Out” - you’re our first contestant

[text] Didn’t get laid. But got a free pie from a waitress. A whole pie.

[text] I am swimming in semen. He must have been holding it in for a special occasion.

[text] you should buy a sheep. A) you get an awesome pet. B) free coat

[text] tonight is going to be epic. can you pre-book an ambulance?

[text] We thought you were crowd-surfing until we realized it was the bouncers throwing you out

[text] maybe tonight we can turn coloring into a drinking game

[text] i think its awesome that according to your mom i’m your friend that caught on fire.

[text] So fucked up. Can’t tell if I’m starving or about to puke. Playing it safe and eating froot loops. Tasty in, colorful out.

[text] I just saw a hobo ride by on a unicycle. Good day.

[text] Vodka is such a love hate relationship.

[text] you traded sex for a burrito?

[text] I made a game called come to class high and eat nachos.

[text] You decided to make a porno with gummy bears and things went downhill from there.

[text] it’s not a party till someone uses the fire extinguisher.

[text] You’re always adorable, but when you’re drunk, you’re like Chia Pet adorable.

[text] this kid just offered me adderall in exchange for my meal points. college at its finest

[text] I was cleaning up my drunken mess and I found my ID in a cereal box

[text] I am now the proud owner of a 10-12 year old’s Optimus Prime costume from Walmart. Tomorrow is going to be a good day.

[text] It’s like eating cereal and milk but instead of cereal it’s gummy bears and instead of milk it’s vodka.

[text] You leave a trail of fuck everywhere you go

[text] Scott woke me up by cracking a beer open in my face. Best friends are awesome.

[text] we woke up to him feeding us cheetos at 3am. and by feeding i mean shoving them in our mouths and saying “i mean who doesn’t like cheetos”

[text] quit making up holidays to get me to go drinking with you

[text] I left a cheeto on everyone’s car trailing to the house i’m at, hanzel and gretel style.

[text] Just got a event reminder on my phone to never party with you again.

[text] nobody understood you. You kept speaking french and hiding shit in your boobs

[text] When I came home you were using a glowstick to eat peanut butter from the jar.

[text] kinda considering buying a life alert for sophomore year

[text] My phone auto-corrects smirnoff to poisoned. I think it is trying to tell me something.

[text] Anywhere you can eat green eggs and ham, you can have sex.

[text] you were running down the aisles of wal mart singing ‘follow the yellowbrick road’. i’m pretty sure you thought the night shift workers were the munchkins & started crying when they wouldnt help u find the wizard. needless to say u were pretty stoned/wasted

[text] It’s like the only way I know how to apologize is by giving a blow job.

[text] did you by any chance leave me that 7 minute long voicemail of you running and constantly tripping into bushes?

[text] The world would be so much better with thought bubbles.

[text] I love taking my adderall while im in class! As soon as I take the pill out everyone around me just stares in envy!

[text] You handed some guy a spoon you found, he yelled SPOON GAME, and then the two of you spent the next 20 minutes throwing spoons all over the kitchen.

[text] I just told a dude I hooked up with last night he was the pick of the litter.

[text] So I woke up today with someone’s door knob in my pocket. I hope everybody else got out of the house ok.

[text] So we successfully lit our bathtub on fire. Thought you should know.

[text] Because when I say ‘You shouldn’t drink anymore’, she hears, ‘I personally challenge you to chug 3 more mixed drinks’

[text] okay, this game isn’t funny anymore. tell us where all the forks are.

[text] The lack of pants and amount of productivity in my life right now is amazing.

[text] when i start to cry when i lose at mario kart is when you should put me to bed

[text] so apparently the car got towed with me passed out in the back seat.

[text] You closed the sidewalk off to pedestrians last night. With a glitter covered safety cone

[text] never. drinking. again.

[text] I’m gonna get drunk and through up on the first happy couple I see.

[text] got some bad news about ur virginity. she didnt make it thru the night

[text] I need a good reason NOT to eat this entire jar of nutella right now

[text] i’m out of smokes so i just had an after sex popsicle. this might become an addiction.

[text] Yeah I think we tried to use the shower curtain as a parachute because its tied to my backpack with some string. Dont know if anyone actually attempted it though.

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Sentence Meme sentences


  • "Are you crazy?”
  • "Are you even listening to me?"
  • "Are you even listening to yourself?"
  • "Are you sure they won’t find out?”
  • "Are you sure this is legal?”
  • "Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”
  • "Are you threatening me?"
  • "Be mine."
  • "Do I know you?"
  • "Do you love me?"
  • "Do you remember this?"
  • "Do you trust me?"
  • "Don’t go."
  • "Don’t let me die"
  • "Don’t look at me like that."
  • "Don’t make me beg.”
  • "Don’t you dare come near me!"
  • "Don’t you dare."
  • "Explain yourself."
  • "For you, I would _____"
  • "Give it back."
  • "Give me another chance."
  • "Have you ever even done this before?"
  • "How drunk are you right now?"
  • "I already regret this."
  • "I am not wearing that.”
  • "I can’t believe you missed that."
  • "I can’t do this anymore."
  • "I can’t even look at you."
  • "I could kill you!"
  • "I dare you." or "I dare you to _____."
  • "I didn’t do it.""
  • "I didn’t know you could do that."
  • "I don’t want to look at you right now.”
  • "I guess this is goodbye.”
  • "I hate you."
  • "I have to go."
  • "I just want to cuddle."
  • "I know your secret.”
  • "I love you, but I really wish I didn’t.”
  • "I love you."
  • "I miss you so very much."
  • "I missed you."
  • "I need a drink."
  • "I need a hug."
  • "I never really loved you."
  • "I owe you."
  • "I think I broke it."
  • "I think I’m falling in love with you. "
  • "I think I’m forgetting something."
  • "I think it’s broken.”
  • "I trust you."
  • "I want to be yours."
  • "I want to try this thing I read in a book.”
  • "I want you. Naked. In my bed. Now."
  • "I’ll be there in five minutes.”

”This is really inappropriate.”
  • "I’m all for spicing thing’s up, but isn’t this a bit much?”
  • "I’m bad for you.”
  • "I’m dying."
  • "I’m going to be sick."
  • "I’m not speaking to you anymore."
  • "I’m pregnant and it’s yours."
  • "I’ve never heard that one before."
  • "If you stay quiet, no one will know.”
  • "Is that my shirt?"
  • "It was me"
  • "It’s so beautiful.”
  • "It’s time to choose.”
  • "Just five more minutes."
  • "Just go."
  • "Just leave me alone."
  • "Just let me die."
  • "Just relax."
  • "Just what did we do last night?"
  • "Kiss me you idiot."
  • "Kiss me."
  • "Make me."
  • "Marry me?"
  • "My Parents don’t know"
  • "My parents know.""
  • "Never again."
  • "Nh, don’t be so rough!"
  • "No, that can’t be my baby."
  • "No! You can’t die on me now!"
  • "Put it away.”
  • "Put your trousers on!"
  • "Put. The. Weapon. Down."
  • "Shut up and listen."
  • "Take responsibility."
  • "That isn’t mine."
  • "That looked easier on TV."
  • "That sounds painful."
  • "That was a bad plan."
  • "That’s mine!”
  • "That’s the cheesiest pickup line I’ve ever heard."
  • "They’re coming.”
  • "This seems familiar."
  • "This stays between us."
  • "Truth hurts, don’t it?"
  • "Want to hear a secret?"
  • "We need to talk."
  • "We’re moving too fast.”
  • "Well that was unexpected."
  • "What are we doing here?"
  • "What are you afraid of?"
  • "What are you touching?"
  • "What are you?"
  • "What do you need?"
  • "What happened to you?"
  • "What have I done this time?"
  • "What if someone catches us?”
  • "What sort of noise was that?”
  • "What the hell do you think you’re doing?"
  • "What were you thinking?"
  • "Where are my clothes?"
  • "Where did you find this?"
  • "Where do you even find this sort of thing?”
  • "Where were you?"
  • "Who’d have guessed you could pull such a face?”
  • "Why are you wearing that?"
  • "Why yes, I am as think as you drunk I am."
  • "You could have died!”
  • "You could have killed someone!"
  • "You coward."
  • "You don’t need to be so gentle.”
  • "You drive me crazy!"
  • "You have ten minutes, so make it quick.”
  • "You lied to me!"
  • "You mean everything to me."
  • "You owe me."
  • "You. Come. Snuggle. NOW!"
  • "You’re all out of ____."
  • "You’re an idiot.”
  • "You’re bad for me.”
  • "You’re dead to me."
  • "You’re pregnant and It’s mine"
  • "You’re really good at this…”
  • "You’re so weird.""
  • "You’re under arrest."